Building a new home is a huge emotional and financial investment, so choosing a home builder who understands your style and your needs and who can deliver the best quality home for your budget is an incredibly important decision. With this in mind, there are a few important things to look for when deciding who you will trust to build your new home and finding the best home builder for you.

What’s their style?
As obvious as this might seem, you need to make sure that the builder you’re considering builds homes in the style you like. For example, do you want a country style or a modern home? Single or double storey? Making sure the builder offers the type and style of home you want just makes sense.

Money matters
Once you have done your research and have chosen a few potential builders, the next step is to get prices. Remember though, cheapest isn’t always best. If you do need to choose the cheapest option though, just make sure that the quality of the finished home will not be compromised. You will also need to consider what inclusions are built into the final price.

What’s the time frame?
Let’s face it, getting into your new home as soon as possible is always going to be high on your list. Find out how long each builder anticipates the whole process will take, including when they will be able to start. Most people still have to pay a mortgage or rent while their new home is being built, so getting an accurate time frame is essential.

Choose quality
Whether you are building your forever home or an investment property, you want the end result to be a high-quality home. The structure of the home will directly affect how well it stands the test
of time, so don’t be afraid to ask your builder what materials and products they use. Choosing a builder that has Quality Assurance ISO9001 certification, like Content Living Home Builders, will give you that extra peace of mind that your new house will be built to the highest industry standards.

Visit display homes
To get an overall view of how well a builder constructs their homes, visit a display home and pay close attention to the quality of the workmanship. Are the products used in the home constructed by reputable brands? Does it look like they pay attention to detail, does the home look unfinished? All of these considerations are important if you are looking for a quality build.

Communication style
Good communication is crucial to ensuring a successful build. Ensure you are assigned a direct contact person and ask them how they intend to keep you up to date on the progress of your home throughout the build. A good builder will make sure that you are kept well informed of everything that is taking place with your home’s construction.

If you are wanting to start building your dream home today, contact the friendly team at Content Living Home Builders. We will be there to guide you through the entire journey, from choosing the right home for your family to collecting the keys to your new home.