One of the first, and most important steps towards building your own home, is finding the right block of land. The location you choose will usually be determined by your lifestyle, and things such as where you work, or where your family and friends live. You will also want to make sure that the place you choose is close to all the amenities you require, such as schools, local shopping centres, and public transport. Apart from these factors, there are certain characteristics of the actual land that you may need to consider.

Land is not too easy to find in Perth at the moment, with available blocks in short supply and a high demand on new housing. To help you choose the right land for your dream home there is some advice listed below that may help.


What is the shape of the block?

When looking for land, be aware that some shapes and sizes are easier to build on. Although it may be tempting to pick an unusually shaped block that is considerably cheaper, remember that an awkwardly shaped block of land will often require making some changes to your chosen house design, which can ultimately lead to more expenses and a longer build time.

To make the process more straightforward, try and choose a block that is a standard shape.


What will the site costs be?

Site costs are the expenses that are associated with getting the land ready to build on. If there is rock or clay on the site, the costs will often be higher as these materials may need to be removed before building can commence. There may need to be retaining walls installed on your chosen block, or there may be plants that need to be removed. All these factors add up in your site costs.

Do your research and make sure you find out all you can about the condition of the block that you are looking at and any hidden costs. Don’t commit to buying a block of land until you know exactly what is involved.


Where do you want to build?

Building in different environments can have an impact on how much your new home is going to cost. If your new block of land is in a bushfire risk zone, extras measures will be needed to make sure that your home is bushfire safe. Similarly, if you’re looking at a coastal block, the exterior of your home will need to be treated to ensure that it will not easily be damaged by salt and sand.

Some environmental factors that can have an effect on your build include:

  • The Bushfire Alert Level (BAL) of where your block is located
  • How close the land is to the coast, and if it is in a coastal zone
  • Is the land in a noise prone area, such as near an airport

Right Block Of Land Is Close To Lifestyle

Before you go hunting for the right block of land, also make sure to consider your needs and wants.


How much are you willing to spend?

Make sure to budget how much you are willing to pay for your new house and land. It is a good idea to leave some extra aside for things such as settlement costs, upgrades to features you would like to make to your new home, and so on. If you are unsure about your budget, it is best to seek out some finance advice before searching for your block.

How big do you want your home to be?

This will depend on your budget, the size of your family, what your future plans are, and so on. It is a good idea to make sure your house is future-proof, to consider resale value as well, and to make sure your home is the right size for you.

How big a backyard would you like?

If you have kids or pets, or want them in the future, you may want a decent sized backyard for them to utilise. Remember though, a larger backyard will mean more maintenance. If you don’t need a lot of outdoor space, a smaller outdoor area will be easier to look after.

Right Block Of Land Has A Family Backyard


Finally, make sure to talk to your builder before you start looking for land, as they can often help you find the perfect land for your new home. Building consultants can also get you access to special blocks that aren’t publicly available yet.

During this time of reduced land availability, letting your builder help you to secure your ideal spot is a good option.


If you have found the right block of land or if you are wanting to start your journey towards owning your own home, contact our friendly consultants at Content Living today.