Getting Into A New Home Sooner With The Right House And Land Package

House and Land Packages are one of the easiest, and most affordable ways to get into the property market, especially if you are a first home buyer. House and Land Packages are created when a developer asks a builder to provide house designs for particular blocks of land, the house and land are then packaged and ready to purchase. There are many great reasons to choose a House and Land Package…less paperwork and overall savings are just a few.

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By choosing to build a House and Land Package, you can often pay well below the median price of the city you live in as the packages are usually located in developing areas. There is also a considerable saving to be made on stamp duty, as you will only need to pay based on the value of the vacant land. When buying an established property you will need to pay stamp duty on the value of the house and land, and the cost can be quite a bit higher. When buying a home there are already so many costs associated with the process, the more you can save in the building stages, the more you will have left to spend on decorating, furniture and any unexpected expenses.

Government Incentives

It is definitely worth looking into any help you may be entitled to, as there are multiple government initiatives aimed at people wanting to build a new home. If you aren’t sure if you are eligible for anything, the friendly staff at Content Living will help you out with finding just want government assistance or incentives you are eligible for.

Lower Deposit

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a House and Land Package it the lower deposit. Finding a large sum of money upfront is just not possible for some people, so this is a great help.


Most House and Land Packages are built in new developments, often in sought after areas. Unlike older suburbs, the developers follow modern urban design principles. The benefits to you will include easy access to public transport, as well as schools, amenities and parks.

Personalise It

When you buy an existing property, the amount you can change on the home without spending thousands of dollars is minimal. The opportunities for personalisation when you choose to build are endless, from having input on the house layout, to being able to choose flooring, tiles, fixtures, fittings and colours.

Peace Of Mind

You don’t get any kind of guarantee when buying a second hand home, so if anything goes wrong there is really nothing you can do. Anything that leaks, cracks or breaks is going to cost you. Building with a reputable home builder means you can relax knowing that you will be getting a high quality home, and should anything need attention then you have a guarantee. At Content Living, we have offered unbeatable value House and Land Packages in Perth for over 20 years. If you like the idea of a Home and Land Package designed for the lot and location you love, then talk to one of our friendly team members today.