1992 – First Registered as a Builder

Content Living- “The Home Builders” was first registered as a building company in 1992, setting out with a goal to build high-quality homes for West Australian families that were more affordable than those already on the market.

As a locally owned and operated business, we have grown to become one of the most esteemed new home builders in WA. We continue to construct thousands of homes annually and offer employment opportunities to hundreds of workers in the building industry across Western Australia.

1993 – Registered as a Member of the Housing Industry Association

Taking one of the first major steps into the building industry and cementing our place amongst WA builders, we registered Content Living as a member of the Housing Industry Association (HIA), the official body of Australia’s home building industry.

1993 – Built First Display Home in Warnbro

Located just south of Rockingham along the coastline, we opened our first display home in the suburb of Warnbro only a few short months after being established as a building company.

1993 – Built First Customer Home in Cooloongup

Marking the first of many homes to come, the very first client home was completed in the suburb of Cooloongup in 1993, only a few short months after we first opened our doors to the people of WA.


Achieved Quality Assurance Certification

Becoming one of the first internationally recognised ISO9001 Quality Assured home building companies in WA, the team here at Content Living set a new standard for building quality homes in WA, undertaking regular audits to identify where our building methods can be improved.


Built our 1000th home

One of the first major building milestones for Content Living, in 1999 the 1,000th home was officially completed, only 6 short years after we were first established back in 1992.


Built our 5000th home

Not content with stopping at 1,000 homes, we officially celebrated our 5,000th home being completed in 2005, seeing a rapid expansion in our home building efforts as more people across WA came to trust in Content Livings dedication to building quality homes.


Built our 10,000th home

Another home building milestone for our team, 2012 marked the 10,000th successful home completed by Content Living, fuelled in part by the early 2000’s building boom. Our team successfully handled the pressures of a growing demand for new homes and doubled down on our efforts to build quality homes at values a typical WA family could afford.


Registered as a Member of the Master Building Association

As part of our commitment to continual learning, we officially registered as a member of the Master Builders Association (MBA) which offers training and professional courses that complement our existing quality standards.

Moved to our New Landmark Building

Marking the beginning of a new era, our team moved into a new 5-storey award-winning office located in Osborne Park overlooking Herdsman Lake, complete with a luxurious new showroom and cutting-edge office spaces.


We are your home builders for life

“We are presently crafting a legacy of homes that transcend the ordinary, embodying the very essence of modern living. At Content Living, we go beyond the construction of houses; we curate living spaces that reflect your individuality and aspirations. Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to delivering homes that not only stand as a testament to quality craftsmanship but also redefine the standard of contemporary design. Explore our diverse range of floor plans and immerse yourself in the journey of building a home that is uniquely yours. Your story begins with Content Living – where every detail matters and every home is a masterpiece in the making.”

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