At Content Living, we combine market expertise with entrepreneurial innovation. We are passionate, creative, data-driven, and understanding. Most importantly, we know that trust is earned through delivering results and that our success is defined by yours. With years of experience and a passion for helping our clients, our team of expert Design Consultants are on hand to help you through every stage of your home building journey.

Mel | Morley

Trent & Karla | Aveley

Darren & Emma | Darch

Liam | Forrestfield


They were happy to work with us and what we wanted. We’ve been so happy with our experience building with Content Living and the outcome of our house at the end, so we actually have already recommended building with Content Living to our family and friends.

Trent & Karla | Aveley


We wanted someone that was trustworthy, a builder that had credentials behind them and would deliver on their promise of quality… It was very fluid, very smooth, a very easy process from the beginning.

Darren & Emma | Darch

Customer Charter

At Content Living, we aim to deliver not only an outstanding home for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come, but also to deliver exceptional quality service at every step of the journey. Our commitment to service underpins everything that we do, and we are committed to delivering on the high-quality service that we have come to be known for across Perth.

Our Customers

  • To ensure our customers best interests are at the forefront of every decision that we make throughout their building experience
  • To provide our customers with a building experience that is enjoyable and rewarding
  • To make sure that there is an open channel of communication that is convenient to our customers – whether through telephone, email, writing, in person, digital meetings, or other forms of communication
  • To listen to your individual experiences throughout your building journey with us so that we may improve our services and processes, and to provide an experience that is tailored to suit your individual requirements
  • To resolve any issues that you may experience, and to contact you within one working day of an issue being raised so that we can discuss with you the nature of the issue, and work together to come to an amicable solution

Our Services

We promise we will:

  • Always make ourselves available and approachable to our clients, and communicate in a way that is clear, polite, and thorough, for the best understanding possible
  • Respond to any general enquiries you may have about your build, or the building process, within one working day
  • Assign an experienced Client Liaison Officer and Construction Supervisor as your point of contacts throughout your building experience with us, who will help to answer any and all of your questions to the best of their ability
  • Proactively contact you with weekly progress reports and updates during your construction period, and monthly updates prior to your build commencing
  • Provide you with detailed information about the entire building process; from the initial sales period, through the design, planning, and construction, and your warranty and maintenance periods upon your homes completion
  • Contact you at various stages after your home is completed to ensure that your new home is settling correctly, and to rectify any issues you may be experiencing


We promise:

  • To undertake annual reviews to ensure our homes are being built to the highest standards and latest building processes
  • To build your new home to the quality and specifications that we outline in the design period, and within the set timeframes
  • To commit to conducting supervised on-site inspections with you during business hours, at regular times throughout your construction, and at times requested by you
  • To conduct thorough inspections of your home throughout the building process to ensure that your new home is being built to the highest level of workmanship
  • To provide a 25 year structural guarantee on your new home upon the completion of your new homes construction
  • To provide you with easy-to-understand documents and contracts prior to signing, and to help explain anything you don’t understand to the best of our ability

Issue Resolution

  • Attend to any issue or dispute that may arise promptly and with transparency, with a commitment to finding an amicable solution
  • Make ourselves open and available to listen to any concerns you may be experiencing, and to not compromise the quality of your service or
  • Give you the opportunity to discuss any issues you may be experience with us openly and fairly, and to provide a formal reply to you within seven working days
  • Give you the opportunity to discuss all issues with us openly and fairly and provide a formal response to you within seven working days
  • Be complete, accurate, and honest in your experiences building with us
  • Show mutual respect and courtesy to our staff members at all times
  • Take the time to understand what is expected of you as a customer, and to fulfill any obligations that you may have during the building process
  • Thoroughly read all documentation provided to you, and seek clarification where necessary prior to signing
  • Be honest about your experience with us, and if you have any feedback whether positive or constructive, please let us know so that we can apply this feedback to future clients for a better building experience

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