Spotlight on Kitchen Features

The kitchen is known as the heart of the home and there is no doubt that people spend a considerable amount of time there; it is also true that a kitchen can make or break the sale of a house. The features you want in your kitchen will often influence your choice of house design, so it is important to know what you are looking for before you commit to building.

Visiting display homes is a great way to explore your options, and to see what is on offer. It is also worth talking to your builder, making sure to give as much detail as possible about who will be using the kitchen, as this will ensure a design that will suit your specific needs. Below are some of the most popular kitchen features found in new homes today.

Large Island Benches

The kitchen may be the heart of the home, but the island bench is undoubtedly the hub of the kitchen. The benefits and uses of a well designed and situated bench are numerous. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing it can also provide extra food prep space, more storage, a flexible work area and the perfect place for relaxed family meals.

A Scullery or Butler’s Pantry

If you like the idea of being able to entertain or cook daily meals whilst keeping the main kitchen looking clean and mess free, then a scullery should be part of your plans. Although a relatively new inclusion in many home designs, the scullery has risen to the top of kitchen wish lists. Content Living offers more than 20 home designs that include sculleries, all of which are fully functional and include their own sink, cupboards, dishwasher recess and beautiful Essastone benchtops.

Ample Storage

It goes without saying that storage is King when it comes to kitchens. The current trends are steering away from open shelving and towards concealed storage, while making sure it is still easy to access. Opting for a scullery is one way to be sure that you have all the space you require, but it’s not the only way. Considering your current storage needs and how they may change or grow is the best way to ensure your storage solutions have longevity. Work closely with your builder to ensure the kitchen design you choose will suit your needs now and into the future.


Your kitchen is one area where you can make a statement with lighting, but it still needs to be functional. Gorgeous pendants will draw the attention of guests, but functional lighting in food preparation areas is essential. Make sure you use lights with sufficient wattage and position them so you can clearly see what you are doing while cooking. There are so many variants when it comes to choosing lights, so definitely do your research and consult with the experts.


It may seem like a small thing, but splashbacks are an important feature. Besides being practical, they bring visual interest and texture to the whole look of the kitchen. Whether your style is funky subway tiles, beautiful coloured glass or veined marble, more and more people are choosing to step away from the all-white kitchen look, and splashbacks are a great way to incorporate colour without going overboard.

Although there is a lot to consider when choosing the design, style, features and layout of your kitchen, it’s a hugely exciting and important part of the building process, thus, if there’s one room in the house where you invest your time, make it this one, so you can be sure you get exactly what you want!