The Benefits of Knocking Down Your Old Home and Rebuilding

A growing number of homebuyers are knocking down their existing homes and replacing them with a new build, and when you look at all the benefits, it isn’t hard to understand why. There are many advantages to knocking down and building, the following are just some of them.

Save time and money

Building new is often cheaper than renovating or extending. A basic extension can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars, and you are still left with the original house with its older wiring, plumbing, appliances and structure. For a comparable cost, a knockdown/rebuild means you end up with a new home and low maintenance costs for years to come.

The Oceana home design

Less risk

Building a new home involves less risk than renovating, and there is also a smaller chance of any unwanted surprises arising. It is common to have a budget blowout when renovating a home because unlike building new, you can never really estimate the full cost.

Get exactly what you want

A knockdown/rebuild gives you free reign to design a home that will suit your family and lifestyle perfectly. Being able to have control over the floor plan, room sizes, fixtures and finishes is definitely a big plus. The flexibility to tailor your home design to meet your own unique needs is one of the biggest benefits of rebuilding.

The living and dining of the Outlook home design.

Keep your location

If you love where you live and don’t want to move, then demolishing your current home and rebuilding is the perfect solution. Having to leave a neighbourhood that you feel safe and comfortable in isn’t ideal, and there are many good reasons why people might not want to start over elsewhere. Maybe you live in close proximity to your kids’ school or your workplace, perhaps you have family and friends close by that you don’t want to leave… whatever the reason, knocking down and rebuilding is the answer.

Property value

Often you will have a higher rate of appreciation in an established area. If you really want the value of your property to increase, then staying in an established area, instead of relocating to a newer area, is recommended.

If your home is just not as modern as you would like or is bursting at the seams thanks to a growing family, moving is not your only option. If you love where you live but desperately need to improve your home, a rebuild may be the best option. Knocking down and rebuilding gives you all the advantages of a brand new modern home, exactly where you want it, the way you want it. Speak to an expert Building Consultant to find out more about the rebuilding process.