Carpet, tiles or floorboards? Inside advice from your favourite Perth home builder

As a home builder with decades of experience, we have seen the good, the bad and the downright ugly when it comes to trends in flooring.

Thankfully, here at Content Living, our modern home designs incorporate only the best in flooring choices, but whether you prefer the clean lines of tiles, the cosiness of carpet or the contemporary look of floorboards, there is more to consider than just style.

To ensure you end up with a flooring choice that is functional and durable, as well as stylish, we have put together a few tips to help you choose the best option for your new home.

Here are our six most important flooring considerations:

  1. Durability – will it stand up to your lifestyle?
  2. Maintenance – is it easy or complicated to maintain your chosen flooring?
  3. Comfort – your home is your sanctuary and comfort is essential; so, understand what makes you comfortable
  4. Climate – people in warmer climates may prefer the coolness of a tile underfoot, rather than warm carpet, while the reverse would be true for cooler areas
  5. Price – what’s your budget?
  6. Style – you have to love how it looks

Still not sure what’s best for you? Take a look at the lists below, detailing the pros and cons of each flooring choice:


What we love:

  •  Carpet is warm, cosy and inviting
  •  There are plenty of styles/colours to choose from
  •  It’s softer underfoot and quieter
  •  It’s the most affordable choice

What we don’t love:

  •  Of all flooring types, carpet is the hardest to keep clean
  •  It’s not as friendly for allergy and asthma sufferers
  •  Carpet can retain moisture and stain easily
  •  It’s impractical for wet areas such as the kitchen, laundry and bathroom
  •  Carpet is harder to maintain with children and pets living in the house
  •  Additional costs are involved for periodic steam cleaning


What we love:

  •  Floorboards are known for their classic, stylish look
  •  They come in a variety of colours and materials
  •  They’re easy to clean with a quick sweep or mop
  •  They don’t collect dirt, dust or pet hair as easily as carpet
  •  They’re a better option for allergy and asthma sufferers
  •  Floorboards can last for many, many years if they are taken care of
  •  The laminate version is a great alternative for homes with children or pets
  •  Floorboards often add value to a home

What we don’t love:

  •  Walking on floorboards is louder than moving around on carpets
  •  Floorboards may warp or lift if they get wet
  •  Hardwood floors show scratches and dents (although lots of people like this look, as it gives character)
  •  It can be one of the more expensive flooring types (especially hardwood)


What we love:

  •  Tiles are known for their neat, clean and streamlined look
  •  There is a huge variety of colours, patterns and shapes
  •  It’s easier to keep dust and dirt to a minimum
  •  Tiles can handle spills better than carpet and floorboards
  •  Very durable and can handle heavy foot traffic

What we don’t love:

  •  Hard and cold underfoot
  •  Grout can be difficult to maintain, and light colours can darken over time
  •  Tiles can crack and are not easily replaced
  •  They are harder to install than other flooring types
  •  Slips and falls are more common
  •  Everything breaks on tiles. If you drop a glass, plate or your mobile phone, it will most likely break

Your choice of flooring can set the tone for your entire home, creating spaces that are elegant, traditional or contemporary, but at the end of the day, the most important feature of flooring is how well it suits your lifestyle.

Visit the great range of Content Living Display Homes for the ultimate inspiration and speak to our friendly staff for more information on the flooring types available to you.